I’ve been to London and it’s been the first experience of my life alone. I was excited and scared at the same time.

I remember the first day: There was a shiny sun in my country and when I arrived in London it was raining.

I tried to imagine something more about that city, people described it to me and I knew that it was beautiful.

Now, I can say that it has been the most beautiful experience of my life, I came back home with lots of memories and (good photos ) and the awareness that traveling permit us to become rich, to understand more and to be more cultured.

I hope to return there: the place where everyone is kind and friendly, a place which is organized and a place where people smile and are able to respect all the rules. I fell in love with that place and all people who live there.♥️




You can find attached some of the photos I took, I hope you’ll like them. If you want to know something more or to see other photos, just let me know.☺️